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Who We Are

Warriors-Brew Specialty Coffees based in Littleton, Colorado, is a disabled veteran-owned business enterprise, offering you the most delicious dark-roast gourmet coffee around. Our business grew out of the need to generate additional income during the market collapse of 2008.

We used the income generated by this new venture to support the families of military personnel and first responders in need. As our operation grew, it became a business of its own instead of a fundraising project. We pride ourselves on offering a quality product while providing veterans and disabled individuals with employment in our packing facility.

Every aspect of our business is centered on caring for the people who do the most for our country. These men and women risk their lives daily, whether abroad or at home, to allow us to enjoy our daily comforts and freedoms. Our coffee, roasted in the U.S.A. in the time tested South American slow air roast process which dates back to the 1800's', provides a delicious beverage you can feel good buying every time.


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Meet the Team

Meet the team members of Warrior's Brew


Stan Cichuniec


Disabled Vietnam Vet


Hank Salmans

Director of Fundraising

Retired Police


Chad Powers

Director of Graphic Arts/Sales